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September 19, 2015 - April 17, 2016

Shelter Map

Stefan Sollenius and Emily Neufeld

There are many connections between the body, the soil, and how humans create shelter from the environment. Nature surrounds us, providing the resources we need to live and conditions that kill us.

The soil provides us with food, trees used to create our homes, and the bacterial link that keeps us healthy; yet dirt is a force we constantly struggle against, trying to sweep it from our homes, containing it under layers of concrete, behind doors, beyond windows. The process of silviculture is integral to this relationship. Trees are harvested to make lumber for the building industry, but then replanted. The soil is walked on by the body that is without shelter (those that work in forestry are notoriously exposed to the elements while working), in an effort to replenish the forest. Our cities continue to encroach upon the forests and soil that we rely on. All of these connections are interlaced, crossing and diverging, like roads on a map.

Bodies moving in the environment both change the land and are changed by it. This work attempts to draw some parallels between these events.

This exhibition is located on the Gallery's Sculpture Deck.

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