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rustad galleria exhibition

The Rustad Galleria, located parallel to the North and South Canfor Galleries, is an exhibition space dedicated to presenting work by local and regional artists. Exhibitions in this space typically run for a month. All local and regional artists from the Regional District of Fraser Fort-George are encouraged to submit proposals.

These exhibitions are free to the public every day of the week and the Galleria space offers a compelling venue for the exploration of our regional artists. 

December 8, 2016 - January 22, 2017

"Supercharger," Mixed Media on Bear Skull, 2016.


Michael Forry

When making Art, with a capital “a”, Michael Forry has said that each canvas – whether it be a conventional canvas, animal skull or even skateboard – he feels like a kid in a candy store. “I have no idea of what’s going to happen next, but I know exactly what that painting will be in the end.”

His work is abstract, intense yet playful with titles that jump out at the viewer as much as the work does. Bright colours dance on the substrate Forry chooses for each distinct piece. As for Art, he creates with a spiritual guidance from somewhere deep within himself. He has spoken of Art as if it is a being unto itself, travelling through life with him, working parallel to him, plane to plane. The exhibition “Supercharger” brings together a selection of new work by Forry that exemplifies the profound and transcendental relationship he holds with Art and the process of making.

“Supercharger” opens to the public on December 8th with a reception at 7.30pm. The artist will be present and the event is free. This exhibition will run through until January 22nd 2017. 

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